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Transformative Medicine through Innovative Design with Proven Technology™

Our products are being developed for and are intended to treat complex diseases and unmet medical needs including Ischemia and Hypoxia Within Stroke, Sickle Cell Disease, and Cystic Fibrosis ⟶

Prolong Pharmaceuticals®, LLC (Prolong) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on identifying, developing, and commercializing differentiated products that address unmet medical needs. Prolong is currently developing a portfolio of products intended to treat CNS, Hematology, and Respiratory Disorders.


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Our Team

Our leadership team has led and been associated with several successful pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Prolong’s founders include inventors of the most successful drug delivery technology in pharmaceutical history, PEGylation, which is now responsible for the development of many drugs improving the quality of life for sufferers of hepatitis, kidney disease, and several other life-threatening diseases.

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Prolong is dedicated to establishing innovative therapeutics for individuals with severe and life-threatening conditions. Our PEGylated biological pipeline candidates include a multi-functional, multi-mechanistic gas transfer agent. Our PEGfinity drug development process incorporates the PPdP structure/function principles that expedite lead generation with the capacity for “fine-tuning” of the function and stability of a pipeline therapeutic protein. As part of the FDA-approved drugs such as Neulasta and Krystexxa, PEGylation technology is both approved and proven, but we continue to apply it in novel ways that address critical unmet needs.



PP-007 (PEGylated carboxyhemoglobin bovine; PCHB, Sanguinate®) is being developed as a multi-modal therapy focused on restoring homeostasis by delivering targeted oxygenation to hypoxic tissue as well as carbon monoxide for improved tissue perfusion and reduced inflammation.


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Prolong Pharmaceuticals, LLC does not provide any drug in development to patients unless they have been accepted into one of our ongoing clinical trials.  For more information on our ongoing clinical trials, please contact info@prolongpharma.com